all in our own Villages, Villages of our own making.

– It made you angry, then?
– Slightly, yeah!

Much respect for Patrick McGoohan, a sweet chap who had his beliefs and was averse to changing them just because people didn’t agree.

And I thought, I am not pandering to a mentality that is so low!

Such a hero.


An Ex-Hooker’s Letter to her Younger Self

An Ex-Hooker’s Letter to her Younger Self.

Now when most men come near you  feel a stabbing at your eyes, your throat, and your gut that you know isn’t real.  You don’t want to admit it but you’re terrified.  You start, you tremble.  Your hands shake.  Think about it, you’re being stabbed a lot these days.  This is a quite reasonable reaction to being used by man after man, day after day, in this prison of a brothel.  It doesn’t mean you are so miserably flawed that you can’t do anything but be a hooker.

We postulate that these genetic restoration events are the result of a template-directed process that makes use of an ancestral RNA-sequence cache.

Words to make your heart beat faster… (happy sigh)