Boucher’s wife was a clever player on the harp, but seems to have adopted her husband’s doubtful means of winning the applause of the public. She used to play duets for piano and harp, with one hand on each instrument.

– Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, entry for Boucher, Alexandre-Jean

(how’d I manage to put in a Sherlock reference there)


puzzling plays

I borrowed A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen from the school library some time ago, and I haven’t returned it yet. Since it’s the school holidays now, I wasn’t sure if I was accruing an insane amount of fines. So, I checked the school library online portal.

Lo and behold, no record of me borrowing A Doll’s House! Instead there was a record of The Alchemist by Ben Jonson.

I went to Google it. Turns out The Alchemist seems fairly obscure and is about… guess what, an alchemist! I went to read the first few lines online. And…

Face.┬áBelieve ‘t, I will.
Subtle. Thy worst. I fart at thee.

I… wait.. I FART at thee?!

the things spambots say

when you leave them alone…

  • You teach best what you need to learn.
  • Measure not the work until the day’s out and the labor done.
  • Hohohoho….
  • Let bravery be thy choice
  • Keep your fears to yourself
  • From Kuching with love
  • The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance.
  • Please tell that Blogwalking is Rock
  • When a man tells you that he got rich through hard work
  • Just put my footproof
  • Hi! Thank you for your visit my dear friend. I wish you a happy and beautiful day. Stay for friendship
  • Write down the advice of him who loves you
  • Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.
  • Blogwalking..blogwalking..blogwalking..hohoho

While most are platitudes, some are just grammatically fail… and then there are the slightly deranged ones: “Hohohoho….”