A rare music rec

Lucky – a cello cover – YouTube.

My batchmate and the love of her life and possibly crush!


Ms Ku: If you keep on sitting there, we won’t have any more basses.
Huiying: Then I’ll stand.

Ms Ku: Help your juniors!
Huiying: Go juniors go :D
Ms Ku: No, go and help the second row!
Huiying: Go second row! :D

Ms Ku: Xuening, Huiying is here you still yawn! O:

Bridget: Am I nice? I’m nice right?
Me: You’re… not scary. You’re spooky sometimes, but you’re quite nice.
Bridget: Wang Meng am I spooky?
WM: Hmm… let me think…

WM: It’d be quite strange if there was a batch tee because there’s only 10 people in a batch.
I’m going on a detox diet. This is my fourth bottle (of water). I had an apple for lunch