Labs I have worked in

Granted, I am merely a student, not a professional, so my experience tends to be rather limited. But here goes…

  1. School labs (as mentioned in earlier post, top 5 favourite places)
    Mainly because of the memories. They’re not well-stocked, they’re dusty and don’t have half the things one would need to conduct independent experiments and everything is under the watchful eye of the lab techs. Even borrowing a metre rule, for goodness’ sake.
  2. Microbio labs at NP
    Very homely, and much more well-stocked. The days and hours we spent rummaging through their supply cabinets and figuring out how to work autoclaves and laminar flow hoods will not be easily forgotten.
    We had had a very friendly and accomodating mentor, and it turns out the whole of the department was equally friendly, so for us clueless children, it was a valuable experience.
  3. IMCB labs- it was a 3-day attachment
    Fanciest labs I’ve ever been to! Everything was shiny and new and clean, unlike the well-used feelings of NP labs, or the downright dilapidation of the school’s labs.

We postulate that these genetic restoration events are the result of a template-directed process that makes use of an ancestral RNA-sequence cache.

Words to make your heart beat faster… (happy sigh)