We postulate that these genetic restoration events are the result of a template-directed process that makes use of an ancestral RNA-sequence cache.

Words to make your heart beat faster… (happy sigh)


my magical lab playground

I think I love labs. The nice kind with loads of equipment and endless wardrobes. In fact there should be a kind of magical playground for scientists etc., where supplies never run out and biohazard waste bins autoclave themselves and has plentiful sources of natural light and food just outside! I would LIVE in such a place.

Facilities required:

  • unlimited supply of things like sterile tubes (for serial dilutions?)
  • pipette tips which don’t get stuck in their boxes would be nice too
  • food nearby
  • loads of wardrobes
  • fridges with cool fridge magnets
  • autoclaves which DON’T take forever to start up
  • plenty of bench space so you don’t need to stack things up
  • micropipette racks
  • auto-autoclaving waste bins?
  • nice microscopes (in Sherlock, the microscopes are just SO PRETTY.)

Basically I’m just really lazy.

One pairing NO ONE THINKS OF: Sherlockxmicroscope! ZOMG they have an amazing array of pretty lab equipment and glassware in that show blllzzsxcz.