top 5-

top 5 favourite places in the current RGS campus (and why)!

1. Strings room- we have spent hours and hours setting up, packing up, making music, making noise, listening to Ms Ku’s jokes, trying to make jokes of our own gosh I love that place.

2. Cello/cockroach room- when I was a librarian I kept having to sift through ancient cupboards with scores which were older than me, trying to find THE SPEECH DAY SCORES D< also, it’s where all the secret violas are kept including the 15 inch one I really love :D It’s also where we all go during OH and CCAO to prep… and slack.
3. Library- 4th/5th shelf in the non-fiction section- the section with Oliver Sacks- the only one in the library. I feel like I know all the interesting books there. Also I’d include the corner at the back of the non-fiction section at the Singapore history section. Beanbags!

4. Keyboard room- freezing aircon urgh! but we had chamber there with Yixuan once, and of course we always change for performances in there. And everyone always trips over that wire casing.

5. Lab 5/lab 7- site of BioRA 2011 and 2012! Lab 5 because it’s open air, so potential for insects and it doesn’t feel so icky eating there (SHHHHH); lab 7 because there’s all the microbio/molecular bio stuff, like the incubators and cell cultures and parafilm, something which everyone seems to be enamoured with. Also because of BioRA.

6. BONUS 6th place: canteen- round tables where we squeeze entirely too many people in a small table and the piano corner where Shermine and I used to regularly play two things at the same time and Tetris theme at the same time! also the piano is the place where I picked up loads of random tunes from Shermine :D

I wish I had pictures for these places D:


Ms Ku: If you keep on sitting there, we won’t have any more basses.
Huiying: Then I’ll stand.

Ms Ku: Help your juniors!
Huiying: Go juniors go :D
Ms Ku: No, go and help the second row!
Huiying: Go second row! :D

Ms Ku: Xuening, Huiying is here you still yawn! O:

Bridget: Am I nice? I’m nice right?
Me: You’re… not scary. You’re spooky sometimes, but you’re quite nice.
Bridget: Wang Meng am I spooky?
WM: Hmm… let me think…

WM: It’d be quite strange if there was a batch tee because there’s only 10 people in a batch.
I’m going on a detox diet. This is my fourth bottle (of water). I had an apple for lunch


A group of skilled pupils walk into the air-conditioned room without shoes. They ask the supervisor the most prominent thought in their mind, which is whether they can record a song. As the supervisor agrees, they clear their throats. One of them runs to sip water.

They rehearse and stifle their laughs. And then it is the real thing.

The collective resonant quality of their voice shocks those in the room. It is a sight to behold. Everyone falls silent.

Replayed and listened to, given expert opinions. The singers are now editing it. They smile, cheer and sing. The weeks of hard work have paid off. The editing is done on a computer.

Computers are never reliable. This one is no exception. Without warning it fouls up. The Apple freezes. A pupil growls menacingly. It is not everyday they do this. It is not seldom that the Apple dies. The leader of the group sighs, having sung herself. She is unlike Macintoshes. She is reliable and sensible.

They were making a movie.