bohemian rhapsody

I want my home to be like this!


Inside all of us is a small desire to channel our inner bohemian. But how do we achieve this? I went to an expert in the matter, Bohemian Treehouse for guidelines. Below are components needed to create your own boho space.   pb

1.Color  The majority of boho rooms feature a riot of color so don’t be afraid to experiment.

2.Mix  Mix furniture styles,say a traditional Bergere chair with a bentwood rocker. Mix fabrics, a suzani with a toile, a floral with cowhide. Mix textures, a glossy silver hassock with a rugged wood coffee table.

3.Upcycle Turn that old suitcase into a bedside table or use an old sign for your headboard.

4.Gallery Wall  A gallery wall is almost a staple in a bohemian interior, create yours out of things you love and you won’t tire of it so soon. Blend photos with silhouettes…

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