Ever since I’ve started writing, I have been more aware of story.
Not novels. Not books.
The goings-on of others’ life, it always touches me in different ways. Call me a sentimentalist, whatever. Story is everywhere.
We should really appreciate it more. Story isn’t just for writers, you know. It’s what goes on in chain mails, the flesh of every newspaper article.
I think we should really be more sensitive to story, especially if you are a writer.



What can’t you live without?
-besides air, food and water?

Is it story?

No matter what you read, humans are immersed in story. We gossip, we write, we complain. Stories which involve an angry conducter, or maybe just a bad sandwich- these are all stories.

While they may not be as structured as a novel, even our lives are stories in themselves.

And this is what novelists (good ones, in any case) are doing. They are not writing novels. They are creating stories.

I believe you don’t need to use wonderful flowery language to write your novel. You must want to tell a story.

Of course, there are differences between a story teller at a campfire and a novelist. Amongst other things, character is more important in a novel than in a ghost story. Plot is very important, though, in a ghost story. And suspense.

But at its base we are all same, aren’t we? What do you think? Do you think you could live without story?