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it was ‘4 Mains’ by Wim Mertens which made me prick up my ears. Following that I went to hunt down The Belly of an Architect, the movie from which 4 Mains comes.

But the rest of the playlist is not bad too.


all in our own Villages, Villages of our own making.

– It made you angry, then?
– Slightly, yeah!

Much respect for Patrick McGoohan, a sweet chap who had his beliefs and was averse to changing them just because people didn’t agree.

And I thought, I am not pandering to a mentality that is so low!

Such a hero.

New Scotland Yard houses the senior members of the Metropolitan Police Force, as well as the Met’s crime database, running on a nationwide IT system named the ‘Home Office Large Major Enquiry System’ or HOLMES for short. The software training program for officers to be taught the correct function of the database is named ‘Elementary’. Hopefully none of the characters will be seen to use the database onscreen in Sherlock, lest the universe implode.

“You were saying, Lestrade?”
“I was saying, I think something weird just happened.”


We postulate that these genetic restoration events are the result of a template-directed process that makes use of an ancestral RNA-sequence cache.

Words to make your heart beat faster… (happy sigh)