…But Smiley’s room was empty and his bed unslept in, and when Guillam went through his things he was fascinated to see that the old fieldman had gone to the length of sewing false name tapes in his shirts. That was all he discovered, however. So he settled in Smiley’s chair and dozed and didn’t wake till four when he heard a tiny flutter and opened his eyes to see Smiley stooped and peering at him about six inches away.

– The Honourable Schoolboy, John Le Carre


just waiting a while

The waiting room of the pretty Foreign Office conference house in Carlton Gardens was slowly filling up. People in twos and threes, ignoring each other, like mourners for a funeral. A printed notice hung on the wall saying ‘Warning, no confidential matter to be discussed’. Smiley and Guillam perched disconsolately beneath it, on a bench of salmon velvet.

– The Barons Confer, Chapter Eight of The Honourable Schoolboy by John Le Carre

Waiting was painful for this particular girl.

She stared at her inbox for what seemed to be eons, then refreshed the page. Some inane text box popped up, which she quelled impatiently.
It was devoid of new mail.
The page seemed to be mocking her, and she stared it down for a while. It was urgent, this email. She needed the information she knew it would hold.
Refresh. Once again the page was scorning her- what did it contain? A newsletter. She viciously sent it to the junk.
Five minutes, ten minutes, morphing into fifteen. Once more she performed the now-familiar keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+R.
Once more her inbox was same as ever.
In the darkened room, where the only penumbra of light was at the computer desk, there seemed to be a humming- her impatience, buzzing in the night. Almost like a malevolent being. Waiting, waiting to pounce.


Clava Siu had unusually light brown eyes. Her hair was short and spiky, much like a hedgehog. Normally jet-black hair was desirable, but Clava’s was slighty bleached. Two Coke-bottle earrings adorned her earlobes, though the school rules forbade that.

The school uniform did not suit her. It was much too neat. The navy blue of the blazer and black skirt only made Clava look a bit sallow. She liked the white blouse and black tie, though. It suited her waist.

Clava resembled a model student, except for her earrings. But! The rebellious nature dominated Clava completely.