Boucher’s wife was a clever player on the harp, but seems to have adopted her husband’s doubtful means of winning the applause of the public. She used to play duets for piano and harp, with one hand on each instrument.

– Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, entry for Boucher, Alexandre-Jean

(how’d I manage to put in a Sherlock reference there)


Ms Ku: If you keep on sitting there, we won’t have any more basses.
Huiying: Then I’ll stand.

Ms Ku: Help your juniors!
Huiying: Go juniors go :D
Ms Ku: No, go and help the second row!
Huiying: Go second row! :D

Ms Ku: Xuening, Huiying is here you still yawn! O:

Bridget: Am I nice? I’m nice right?
Me: You’re… not scary. You’re spooky sometimes, but you’re quite nice.
Bridget: Wang Meng am I spooky?
WM: Hmm… let me think…

WM: It’d be quite strange if there was a batch tee because there’s only 10 people in a batch.
I’m going on a detox diet. This is my fourth bottle (of water). I had an apple for lunch

“Ninghui, turn the aircon down low. … YEAH.”

“What are you doing, Clarisse? The whole section isn’t playing because of you!” (cue >:c face from Clarisse)
Clarisse does something mysterious with her mechanical pencil and finally clicks it properly.
“Ah, constipated pencil.”

“That box is for fishbones you know!”

“No! Can’t be ____’s box…”
“It’s too neat!”

“I know you!”
“I know you too!”

Good bow exercises: 1 bow for 20 seconds on open strings.
Also good exercise in controlling laughter.

Ms Ku brought biscuits- one big box. We passed it around. After passing through the strings room, Huazhen passed the box back to Ms Ku.
“Na, Ms Ku.”
“Huh? No, I had half a dozen before I came here.”

Ms Ku told us about her time in England. When she had concerts, her friends would know about it, so they’d bring all their soft toys and fill up the first row. So when she would also enter the stage with a big grin on her face, because she would only see the soft toys.

“I had a bet with Huazhen. Huazhen, what was the bet? Ah, if less that 200 people come for the concert, I will have to treat her.”