Why is there one chapter devoted entirely to describing the leviathan? Why?! What is the purpose of God saying this in the middle of replying Job?


puzzling plays

I borrowed A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen from the school library some time ago, and I haven’t returned it yet. Since it’s the school holidays now, I wasn’t sure if I was accruing an insane amount of fines. So, I checked the school library online portal.

Lo and behold, no record of me borrowing A Doll’s House! Instead there was a record of The Alchemist by Ben Jonson.

I went to Google it. Turns out The Alchemist seems fairly obscure and is about… guess what, an alchemist! I went to read the first few lines online. And…

Face.┬áBelieve ‘t, I will.
Subtle. Thy worst. I fart at thee.

I… wait.. I FART at thee?!

‘my name… is death!’

Watching The Prisoner now… after Living in Harmony, which I skipped, I’m now on The Girl Who was Death and I tell you NOTHING MAKES SENSE. I am extremely confused now, although I won’t be surprised if it’s all a dream. Having Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling set mostly in London was quite refreshing, though.

David Tomblin, what on earth man, what on earth. I do not understand! Why all this elaborate plots just for one man?