Strings moments

Newest first.

Ms Ku: You all sound like the blood is pooling in your butts. … Stand up and stretch! I mean it!
Everyone stands up, and stands around awkwardly. What was that about blood circulation again? Yes, we all don’t know how to stretch…
“I ask you all to stand up and stretch! Not stand around like that!”
Then Jennifer and WM bend down, in slow motion and in perfect unison, like a pair of ah mas doing taichi in the park.

Wenfei: Ms Ku, did you do something to your hair?
Ms Ku: The only difference is when I sleep on my right side or left side! Nothing as drastic as you!

Ms Ku to Wenfei: “I can tell you practice a lot. See, the string is peeling away at that spot.”
Wenfei: (looks at the cello she’s playing) “This isn’t my cello.”

That day during Chamber, Ms Ku listened to us playing Puccini, then stopped us after a while.
“You know those giant zombies? When they walk, pieces of flesh drop off. That’s what you guys sound like.”

Ninghui: That was the woman whom I said shouldn’t enter the hall alone! (referring to candy floss hair)
Xuening: Oh my mama.

Ninghui: Sarah likes to poke me because I make a different sound for every place she pokes.

Ms Ku (to Yanxi): Can you…. (embarrassed pause) … sorry, I only know you as dumpling.

“Are you Dumpling number one or number two?” (Ms Ku to Yanxi)
“Number two I think.”

Wang Meng: Eden, can you turn around?
Wang Meng reaches for the tin of biscuits under the piano chair in Mr Xu’s room.
Eden: It’s okay lah…
Wang Meng: Hmm… which one should I eat? This one or this one?

Clarisse: Have you tuned? (she always says that)

Wang Meng: It’s good for detox-ing!

When I sat in first desk, beside a bunch of electric keyboards, my bow poked the keyboards not once, but twice. Ms Ku was all, “you’re too short 8D”

April 22 2010; I sat first desk today O: I realised that the Strings room is excessively squished. I was sitting on Clarisse’s right and Maggie’s left, and whenver Maggie did an up bow on her C string, the tip of her bow would swish across Clarisse’s scores. When she did a down bow on her A string, it would glance off my knee. Pssh. If Clarisse had to go out, which was often, she would squish between the stand, Maggie and my knees.

Sarah: How’s Mr. Wolf?
Clarisse and I: Bald.

While playing Dvorak, the cellos sounded like potatoes according to our conductor.


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