Strings moments here

These are the stories and quotes from people I hear/ hear about. Newest on top.

Ms T arrives with coffee for Ms K who is conducting a masterclass.
T: Do you drink coffee?
K: I don’t drink coffee! I thought it was for yourself!
T: Neither do I!

At the same masterclass:
– “Where’s the boss?”
– “The boss? I thought you’re the boss!”

“I don’t run. I attempt to run.”

“All my family did was to see who could stuff the most oranges in their mouths.” -re. CNY

“He went over to the dark side!”
“You mean accidentally?”

Our social studies teacher was talking about his days working in the MFA. He was once in Ghana, and being what he was he had to wear full formal attire- jacket and all. He sweated so much, he said, that when he hung up his jacket it was dripping water.

English teacher: I came from a normal family… nobody stabbed each other!

English teacher: I joined a yoga class. It was a disaster.

“Et quoi?”
” (lost look) Je m’appelle____”
“Et quoi?!”

Ms Hoo: She offered to cut my toenails. I said no, so she cut my hair.

Philosophy teacher: Wasting time is one of your biggest talents. That, and wild tangents.
Same philosophy teacher in the same lesson: If you make any mistakes on deontology, I’ll kill you.

Kim: WQ, what are your values (of science experiment)?
WQ: Persistence!

English teacher to my class: I notice you gus get unrulier and unrulier as the year goes by. At the end of the year you’ll have horns.

June: We understand everything you were saying but we don’t know what you’re talking about.

English teacher: Any questions?
QY: May I go to the toilet?
English teacher: Uh, yes. Any other pertinent questions?

English teacher: No one knows who that guy is, he’s just really creepy.

Rubinstein, who was generally sparing in his praise of other pianists, worshipped Rachmaninoff. Between takes, he told us of a dinner with Rachmaninoff at his home in Southern California sometime around 1940. Rubinstein’s latest recording of the Grieg Piano Concerto had just been released and he was especially pleased with it. Knowing that it was Rachmaninoff’s favourite piano concerto, he couldn’t resist playing the recording during dessert…. When the Grieg finally came to an end, Rachmaninoff remained seated at the dinner table for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually, he roused himself from his introspection. “Arthur,” he said. Rubinstein leaned forward expectantly. “Yes, Sergei.” Rachmaninoff thought a moment more. “Arthur, piano out of tune.”
[Indivisible by Four, by Arnold Steinhart]

In Memphis, Tennessee, ducks were splashing around in the lobby’s fountain as we checked into the Peabody Hotel. Every afternoon at five,  red carpet is laid out from the fountain to the elevator, and accompanied by solemn march music, the mallards, four female and one male, climb out of the fountain, down steps onto the carpet, and waddle into the elevator, escorted by a uniformed employee.
[Indivisible by Four, by Arnold Steinhart]

“Rise and you will fall flat- I guarantee you that.”

One of J’s students bought a 1/2 size violin. He had a 4/4 bow. This despite the fact that the bow wouldn’t fit into the case, and the bow was obviously too long! After extending his arm fully he still had 1/2 bow to go.

Ms Ku told us, “Let’s go from page 6 3rd bar. Right on the 3rd bar!”
Yueling replied, “But we only have 3 pages what.”


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