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Paul in Singapore

As he sat across the table in the crowded hawker centre, visibly shocked, the student’s jaw dropped.

Let’s rewind a little. I was having lunch with a student in Holland Village, partly as a chance to get to know each other but also as guinea pigs for a mutual friend’s linguistics experiment, which I won’t go into here (such is student ministry). Our conversation got onto the topic I was speaking about at an event later that afternoon. Cultural outsider that I am, before long I’d said the unspeakable, a four letter word so taboo it’s almost never heard in Singapore. I mentioned “rest”.

As I’ve discovered more about Singapore’s education system I’ve begun to see why students here seem to consider rest to be either an unattainable luxury, to be saved for retirement perhaps, or, if not downright wrong, certainly morally dubious.

Those in the UK will be aware…

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