I remember memorising my science presentation script using my bedroom furniture. My negligible spatial imagination did not help things.

Nomi Sunrider

The key to memorizing is raising your awareness towards what you want to memorize.

If you want to memorize text, visualize its content as brilliantly as you can. See it, feel it, taste it, smell it, hear it. Gather it with all your senses. Then memorize that sensation.

The same principle works for everything:

  • when I memorize text, I visualize it and feel its content
  • when I memorize music, I feel the color and feeling of the notes
  • when I memorize details, I pay attention to everything about it in order to give a more complete nature.
In short:

memorize by giving the content life.

In school we get taught a different technique: to repeat over and over again.

This has several huge deficits:

  • It takes a damn lot of time
  • Your skill won’t improve because you are not using a real technique. Instead you are registering a series of…

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  1. You suffer from a misunderstanding. You do not need to recall your information in perfect order. Just improvise. The only condition is that the order is logical. Do not rush forward. Drag the attention to a topic and then say your text. You are allowed to have thinking breaks. These breaks give the audience time to process information.
    If you write a test, stay cool and calm. I highly recommend practicing meditation while recalling the information in your mind before the test. Then in the test, get into a half-meditation state where you focus solely on your clues and the information you remember. Ignore fear. Just emphasize on the pictures.

    How to get pictures: just visualize the information. The more vivid and the crazier it looks, the easier it is to remember.
    There is no need to have all pictures all the time in your mind. Just have some helpers ready. Then chain the rest onto these helpers.

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