French phrases and a lab

être haut comme trois pommes- être tres petit
Avoir un poil dans la main (hair on your hands)- être parasseux
Se croire sorti de la cuisse (thigh) de Jupiter- penser qu’on est très important
Tomber dans les pommes- s’evanouir (faint)
Il n’y a pas u chat- Tout est desert
C’est du pipi du chat- Ce n’est pas important du tout
Avoir un chat dans la gorge- etre enroue
Etre connu comme un loup blanc- well-known

Sliding glass doors, biohazard sticker on the outside, with comics/jokes/post-its blu-tacked on the inside.
Quiet workstations coloured in pastel colours, cluttered with stuff, including and especially advertisements/promotion material from drug companies
Big glass windows by the workstations- growing small plants, cacti, say, or inspirational plaques
Jackets draped over chair backs. Big shiny microwave oven, with tupperwares or plastic bags of food around it. These people like to eat.
One thing people always get wrong is that you don’t wear lab coats outside the lab.

In the lab:
Bottles- sturdy glass, blue ridged covers, autoclave tape and labels- on the metal shelves above, pipette tips, taped with autoclave tape- something nice about a full box of fresh tips
Microscopes, Nikon lenses, black little stool things which you can adjust the height of
At eye level, metal baskets holding your pens and micropipettes.
To one side- fridges with promotional stickers from companies, bright yellow cupboard: SAURE/ACID/… , more microscopes…
A room, a kind of sub-room, with its large glass panel covered with aluminum foil and a warning sign below, UV. And a slightly apologetic note on blue paper about student outreach because these are the STUOR labs.
At the ends of the benches, there are hooks where people hang their lab coats, but we like to drape them over chairs.
Near the glass sliding door, boxes of latex gloves in different sizes, labelled with black marker. XS and M are powdered. There’s a thick-walled porcelain mug full of pens, in all brands and some notepads. In a wire basket, a clunky-looking camera.


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