Linoleum floors.

Green slatted windows to the sides, ledges very dusty
Hairballs on the floor, scuff marks from the tables and shoes

Pastel striped pink cupboards and sliding whiteboards. Behind the whiteboards are cupboards: Chinese newspapers, waterbottles, files , stationery, ties… Dusty. Clothes of dubious origin. No one wants them.
In the cupboards below the whiteboards: changing areas, boots with polish and all, files, more newspapers.

Teacher’s table: littered with rubber bands and paper clips of all sizes. Newspapers. Things to be given out, but never were, and have long passed their time of usefulness. The visualiser, bolted to the table. The dirty, scratched glass screen protecting the CRT monitor under the table. Dust accumulating just about everywhere, especially in teh corners of the recesses which house the windows.

Sometimes people leave things behind: sweaters slung over the bak of chairs in all colours and materials, CCA shirts and shoes and shorts and assorted clothes; many people leave their mark by leavhing things behind.

On the cork boards, notices which no one ever reads: look on the floor, there’s a Chiense answer key which we were supposed to refer to. Some graffiti, poorly spelled.

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