Mad Scientist

Maybe some don’t want us to celebrate for them.

James exited the operating theatre, not to comfort a frazzled relative, but to face up to Lily Tan. She certainly didn’t belong in the frenzied hallways of the hospital. She was dressed too nicely. Her hair was perfectly coiffured. James sighed and adjusted his spectacles. His eyes hurt.
“It’s our date, tonight, remember?”
“Lily, I’m on call!”
“Oh, but you promised!”
James sighed again. He looked away, preferring to face the sick and dying patients instead of her face. They were understandable, somewhat predictable, most of them. But not this woman.
“Lily…. after this is over, then we’ll go somewhere nice, okay?”
“I’ll be right here, waiting for you.”
James nodded and ducked back into the OT.
The restaurant was thick with the smell of people and, overpoweringly, cheese. Not just your Phoon Huat cheddar cheese, but real connoisseur cheese. Lily led James into the depths of the dim restaurant, passing couples hunched over tables, hands clasped; children with unusual tastes, enjoying some Brie.
“Look at this!” Lily said with delight at the table reserved for them. The table was overflowing with flowers and candles. Any more and there would be a bonfire. James smiled weakly. He wondered, not for the first time, what had attracted him to Lily. That was actually a good question.

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