Best quotes from my own stories part one

“See the things I made in school today!” the little girl smiled. From her pockets, she took a piece of embroidery. It was badly done. Each stitch covered as long a space as possible. (Little Red Riding Hood)

“Where was she again? I’m not lost, you know.”
“I thought you knew where to go!” (Vois sur ton chemin)

“You know, when I said cheap, I meant cheap and good,” she grumbled.
“You didn’t specify!” Peter protested.

The head of the PPG was Henrietta Quick, a slightly built blonde girl. She wore pink contacts for no conceivable reason, other than the fact that she liked pink. She wore an extremely shiny (pink) beaded necklace and always pinned a “PPG!” badge on her uniform. There was a pink watch on her wrist and subtly applied skin- pink nail polish. Even her socks had a thick scarlet band on the top, just for the PPG-ness of it.

Walter was pottering around in the kitchen, trying to make something or other. Sometimes his culinary attempts were wonderful, but most of the time it was quite disgusting. He was the only one who would eat whatever he had cooked.

Opening a new document on Microsoft Word was the only thing she could muster. (Juniper Flakez)


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