Minerva took her time going onto the stage. It was her first solo performance with her beloved flute. Nowhere in her mind was the thought that people would not like her to be performing.

In the shadows, an unnoticed man squatted in the curtains. He got out a silenced gun. The girl was over-ambitious and she played terribly, he thought. Or at least that was what Mr. Pallas always said. Cocking the gun carefully, he aimed….The girl played the last note, lifting the instrument from her lips to rapturous applause. He pulled the trigger.

With a little gasp, Minerva fell, instrument clattering The audience recoiled in horror. Some screamed. Others made strangled gasps. Soon a group of paramedics had arrived by Minerva’s side and had begun performing CPR. But after a few minutes, they walked away, expressions grim. The audience knew she was dead. There was a heavy silence.The man smiled thinly. His job was done. Mr. Pallas would pay him generously.


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