“Aren’t you going for recess?” Sarah glanced at Michelle, who was busying away with her Maths assignment and fiddling with her long black hair.

“I’m trying to lose weight,” Michelle said, not looking up. The fit and lean Stacy was stifling her laughter.
“Michelle! Are you sure?”
“You’re not helping, Stacy,” Sarah said warningly.
“No, I’m not going down. There’s aircon here.”
“Heh! Well, I need to finish this,” Michelle said.
“But it’s due next week! You still have, what, 10 days to do that! Come on, come down with me for recess.”
“You go first, you go first,” Michelle hastily waved Sarah off.
“But it’s Wednesday!”
“I know…”
Sarah went down to the canteen. The smell of oil and deep-fried food hung in the air, tempting all who came in. Wednesday was fried food day, the only day of the week when fried food was for sale in the canteen.
She was rather worried about Michelle, who wasn’t always like that. This was different. But maybe she did want to finish the whole backlog of overdue homework. There was no telling, really.
Sarah bought a fried fishcake.
Michelle tried valiantly to ignore the growling of her stomach. It was pretty true that she needed to finish her homework, but the greater reason was because she wanted to lose weight. The reason for that was quite a long story, but the ending was simple: it ended in tears on her part and it involved the word, “fat”.
Maybe she was paranoid. Or maybe she was oversensitive. But what her mother had said yesterday couldn’t stop ringing in her ears.
No time to think about that. There was homework to do.
Wednesday again.
“Michelle, sure you’re not eating?”
“I still have Chem…”
“Come on!” Sarah tugged on Michelle’s sleeve.
“Mmmph!” Michelle, unable to make a decision, wavered.
“Well… it is Wednesday…”

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