Morning Blues

“Hey, Lycanis- I want to know-“
“Don’t ask.”
Lycanis was unusually bad-tempered this morning. Gladys chased after him. In the lobby of the police station, Gladys stood out, with her strawberry pink dress.
“I said, don’t ask,” he growled as she started ot speak again.

Lycanis settled into his chair and brooded. No one dared disturb him.
Then the phone rang.
“Wood- Oedipus Lane. Now.”
“I can’t. I’m medically unfit- I’ve got the letter.”
The person on the other end noticed Wood’s sudden change in temperament.
“Send your team over, then. We’ve got another Magical creature on the loose- everyone knows you’re the best. Go, Wood.”
“I said-“
“You go, or I make you go.” Then the voice softened, just slightly. “Please?”
Lycanis sighed.
“Yes sir.”
His small team, Gladys included, were already gathered in the office. Lycanis looked up. Sighed.
“Okay, let’s go.”

In their small white van, Claris whispered to Lycanis, “Are you really okay?”
“It’s just a cold.”
Obviously it wasn’t. Lycanis was rubbing his leg more often than usual. Claris glanced at him. Decided not to say anything, lest he flare up.

This case was obvious, the kind of thing Lycanis felt comfortable with. A simple creature to capture and bring back. And, of course, less paperwork.
But this involved a semihuman- the team realised, and groaned.
“I hate lawsuits. We better not mess up this one, ” Fred said.
“You better not,” Lycanis said.

A girl, with amazing huge feathery wings. She had silver eyes and stringy silver hair. She was injured- broken feathers were all over.
Lycanis couldn’t help feeling some pity- then pushed it back hastily- but she was like him. They were both semihuman Magicks.
“Hey,” he said, less gruffly than usual.
The girl looked up, silver eyes glinting. Lycanis found this rather disconcerting.
She sniffed at the air. Lycanis did the same, unconsciously.
“We’re the same, aren’t we?” she said. Gave Lycanis a look which made him squirm.
“We are. Now,” he said as he hunkered down to her level, “how’d you get here?”
“Why’d you ask?”
“It would help us treat your injuries.”
“I’m fine.
“Now, remind me why I’m here again….”
The girl paused.
She relented, or maybe she had decided on a story to use. “I was flying,” she said, silver eyes flitting everywhere, “when I hit something.”
Immediately Lycanis knew she was lying, but let it go. It wouldn’t really matter, would it?
“Hurt anywhere else?”
“Um, nope.”
“Okay. Let’s go,” Lycanis said, standing.
“There’s a Magick hospital I can take you to.” Lycanis gestured to the wings- “You won’t be able to fly far, anyhow.”
The girl paused. She looked at Lycanis. She looked at the nondescript van.
She stood, wings dragging, and took Lycanis’s hand. They entered the van together.


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