Mottled shapes of moonlight pooled on the forest path, partially illuminating the forest path. It was soft and spongy under my bare feet. I didn’t know where I should go, but I ran all the same.

Behind me , I could hear bushes and twigs being crushed loudly by him—who was, ideally, in charge of making sure I didn’t escape.

My legs carried me further and further away from the lab, where I had spent eleven long years. Now I was free—free!

The sound of plants being crushed was getting louder and closer. My heart beat painfully and loudly. Where was he?I was stuck. I stood completely still to assess my surroundings and looked around for a hiding place. That bush beside me…it looked large enough..Stems snapped too close for comfort.
I burrowed into the bush rapidly, careful not to make too much noise.I dared not breathe, with him standing so close. I could even smell his sour, hot breath. “She’s out here somewhere. I know it,” he said with that irritating fake accent.
I tried to pretend that I was part of the foliage. I knew that the faintest sound, the least movement would give myself away.

My muscles instinctively tensed as he started speaking again.“Request for backup. This is Adams.” Static crackled, then I could make out a voice, saying: “Subject 0219AH has escaped.”
“Not another escape!” I tried not to gasp too loudly. There were others like me! “Yeah, I know, I know.”I remained motionless as a dead log, willing my heart to slow down. He paced nervously. I heard dried leaves crunching under his huge feet. The whirring of a helicopter suddenly filled the woods. Dried leaves smacked my face. “She’s here somewhere,” Adams said to someone.There was a distant beep. I heard something being passed over to Adams, but he grunted a no. I half expected me to be tugged roughly out of the bush and back into the whiteness of the labs.It never happened. Instead, I heard a muffled curse and the helicopter whirring became softer and softer.I was safe.Better still, I was free!


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