The ‘engineer’

My friend, Martha Lee, was the best and youngest engineer ever. Or at least she thought she was. Her trade was in fixing pens, rulers and other bits of miscellany. Even though her math was horrid, she thought herself a great ‘engineer’. Martha actually thought she would immediately get a job in Texas Instruments only if some adults would notice her talent.

Martha’s mother also shared this thought. They did make a formidable pair when I dared to doubt Martha’s ability. I have a scar from that and quite some bruises(Martha made me fall.).

As a result, I decided to teach her skills on the computer. She refused. She said that if we had to do programming together, her program would surely outwit and outlast mine. She did not even know what a program was!
On a Thursday class, she was showing off again. I had the misfortune to sit beside her. Our task: to do a simple survey. She had to mess it up! Martha asked me, “Could you design a similar survey?” Yes, I said. “Very well, Joanne, by tomorrow you will publish your survey on a website. Tell me the RLU by this evening.” I sighed. “Martha, it’s an URL.”
I set about to doing a good website. All my knowledge of HTML came into use.
The next morning, Martha rolled her eyes when I told her I had done the survey.
“You did not call me. You did not email me. You did not print out the survey and fax it to me.”
“I called you, no one answered. I don’t have a fax machine. My email browser is down.”


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