Taipei, Taiwan- Day 2


Today I am going for a city tour. We had a nice breakfast in the hotel while watching Japanese holiday shows. The temperature today is 18 degrees Celsius in the day but it gets a little rainy afterward.
On the tour bus, I observe the buildings get smaller and lesser. Then- we are at the sea! This particualar sea is called the 阴阳海。As we move further up, there is a brownish-yellow stretch of sea. The peculiar colour is caused by mountain water which is full of ferrous ions. The ions rust in the sea and produce the yellow colour.

This certainly is interesting.

When we get out of the tour bus, a mighty gust of wind greets us. The sea is so fierce!
The tour bus is subsequently stopped while we are going to our destination: the old goldmine and 九份 market on a mountain. Apparently, it seems we are unable to take private transport to go up the mountain so we must take public buses up to the goldmine. This is not met favourably by my father but in the end we take a perilous bus ride up the mountain. The driver drives at a breakneck, speed-of-light speed. We do reach the goldmine museum safely. The museum is located quite high up in the mountains, but it is not cold as food is being sold all over. We enter the main compound of the museum called 黄金博物馆. The museum shows the numerous uses of gold, like improving the conductivity of motherboards and enhancing the taste of wine.
The real treat comes later. Almost at the exit, the largest block of gold ever mined is displayed. It weighs a whopping 220 kg!

After that, we crawl through what used to be a mining tunnel. It still retains the original structure and groundwater is dripping all over.


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