Products Incorporated

Oregano Rao tottered to school in her usual dainty way. There was a feeling of uncertainty hanging in the air, a feeling of delicacy and danger. Oregano looked around. Pity it was not bright yet.

The tiny schoolgirl felt a shadow pressing on her. It’s nothing, she told herself, next time drink more coffee in the morning. Yet the feeling was unmistakable. Oregano Rao stopped in her tracks.

The sound of scraping gravel was clearly audible. In the shadows was Violet Lister. The girl had night-vision goggles on and she was trailing Oregano.

Violet worked under a massive marketing conglomerate, known as P.I. She was quite tall and thin. Now, her hair looked like a bird’s nest. Her employer had asked her to wake up at 3 A.M. The girl was paid huge amounts, though. For ‘temporaily disabling people’. Others would come in to finish the job.

Now, you must be wondering what a little frail schoolgirl has to do with this. The truth is, Oregano Rao was a millionaire. No one knew about this except P.I. Since the financially unappeasable P.I manager felt a wee bit poor, he wanted to squeeze a bit of money out of this girl. And when he said ‘a bit’, he meant a lot.

Oregano tottered through a tiny lane. The feeling was oppresive. “Who’s there?” she shouted. Violet sneezed, giving herself away. Oregano screamed, but Violet chased her. Violet paused for just a moment.
She aimed her thumb at Oregano, and pressed it.

A load of tranquliser shot into Oregano’s shoulder. She fell, groggy. Violet called someone. ” I have done it.” was what she said.

“Thank you. Now call the people for follow-up.” the person on the other end snarled.


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