Petra tore a piece of notebook paper into half. She handed a piece to Minx, who then ripped the fragment into half. Petra did the same. She whispered to Minx, ‘Keep this well. We will meet after ten years in Convent Garden, 2.00 pm London time.’ Minx nodded gravely, and tears crawled down her cheeks as they parted. Best friends since young.

Those ten years dragged on. Minx kept those fragments of paper in a card holder in her wallet, along with Petra’s phone number. In Convent Garden, London, Minx’s hair ran down her shoulders like a smear of chocolate. She waited. And waited. But Petra was late.

Petra still kept the pieces of paper with her. They hung from a locket on her neck. She boarded a flight from Singapore to London, Singapore Airlines. Those twenty-odd hours were the longest in her life. The stewardess kept serving water and orange juice, which Petra accepted.

Finally the plane touched down on English soil. Petra, walking to the nearest Tube station, fervently hoped Minx was there. Ten years and she had not forgotten Minx’s elementary school, favourite sports and humour.

Petra boarded the eerily empty Tube from Heathrow to Convent Gardens. More tourists boarded the train, and asked her where she was going. ‘Convent Gardens’ she whispered.

The train finally juddered to a stop at Convent Gardens. Petra alighted. She weaved through the crowd, searching for those blue eyes and brown hair.

Minx stretched her neck until it almost popped out. Where was the white hair (Petra was an albino) and tall frame?

The two were obviously fated to meet. Petra and Minx met in the most unlikely place: a theatre toilet. ‘Minx!’ Petra shouted. ‘Petra!’ Minx screamed. ‘Do you have the papers?’ Petra asked eagerly. Minx smiled gently. She slowly extracted a wallet. It was made of silk, Petra noted. And gradually Minx took out the card holder with the lined paper fragments.

Petra resembled an orange in the way she smiled sweetly. She took off her locket and dropped the two pieces of paper in her hand. ‘Oh, and I brought something.’ Minx said. She held a roll of tape and the lined notebook paper in one hand. ‘Shall we complete the reunion outside?’ Petra suggested.



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